BREAKING NEWS–the second annual Sheila Witkin Memorial Concert is scheduled for August 29th and 30th in Pompano Beach, Florida!

The photo at left shows Johnny Depp on stage playing guitar with The Kids during the first Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion Concert in January 2007. Now comes the encore–a second annual Sheila Witkin Memorial Reunion Concert is scheduled to take place at the same venue, Club Cinema in Pompano Beach, Florida, on Friday night August 29th and Saturday August 30th. Woo hoo! Bands scheduled to play are Blank Tape, My Dolls, Charlie Pickett, Z-Cars, Slyder, Mad as Birds (featuring Debbie & Susan from The Cichlids), Critical Mass, The Reactions, Tight Squeeze, The Romantics, and The Kids. Tickets are $30.00 General Admission for one night or–a great deal for fans of the South Florida music scene–$50.00 General Admission for both nights. For more information and the band lineup each evening, CLICK HERE to go to the Sheila Witkin Foundation site.

Of course there is no guarantee that Johnny Depp will appear with his bandmates this time around–but this is a great cause in honor of a great lady, and a chance to hear a lot of rockin’ live music, so if you can get to Pompano Beach, you will be royally entertained. Please whoop it up for all of us who wish we could be there!

The Zone thanks Angelina for breaking the happy news and Emma for additional information about the concert. You can read more on the Zone’s Pit forum; keep checking back for additional concert information, as details on this one are breaking rapidly. –Part-Time Poet

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