Johnny Depp to perform on follow-up ROGUES' GALLERY album

Johnny Depp, Keith Richards, Tom Waits and Shane McGowan perform on the follow-up album to ROGUE’S GALLERY, according to BBC arts reporter Rebecca Jones. The original ROGUE’S GALLERY was a two-disc collection of pirate ballads, sea songs and chanteys released in 2006, a project hatched by Johnny Depp and his PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN director Gore Verbinski and produced by Hal Wilner, and featuring Bono, Lou Reed, Sting, Nick Cave, Bryan Ferry, Andrea Corr, and Richard Thompson, among others. These songs provide “an oral history [. . .] of what it was like to be at sea,” one singer tells Rebecca Jones. We’re glad to know there’s more pirate treasure on the way.

The Zone thanks Emma for breaking the news; you can read more on the News & Views forum. To hear Rebecca Jones’ BBC report, CLICK HERE; her revelation of the follow-up album occurs around 4:22. –Part-Time Poet

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