"Johnny Depp was incredible to work with"–Stephen Dorff talks about PUBLIC ENEMIES

He’s currently making the rounds promoting his new film FELON, but actor Stephen Dorff, who plays John Dillinger’s friend and fellow bank robber Homer Van Meter in Michael Mann’s PUBLIC ENEMIES, couldn’t resist talking about the film he had just wrapped. “FELON jacked me up,” Dorff said about the indie film starring Val Kilmer, “and going into PUBLIC ENEMIES after that, it was an intense five-month movie with [director] Michael Mann. I feel like I’m doing some of the best stuff I’ve done now,” Dorff told Reelz Channel.com. “It’s trippy because I grew up watching guys like Johnny and respecting [his] choices [. . .].”

Asked by a different interviewer to describe what the experience of shooting PUBLIC ENEMIES was like, Dorff replied: “It was awesome. We just finished last week, and it’s a full-on gangster flick–1934, the last year of Dillinger’s life, and shooting real Tommy guns and hanging out of cars, having a ball. It was a journey, with a bunch of great actors.”

Dorff had high praise for his fellow actors: “Johnny [Depp] was incredible to work with, and very sweet to me,” Dorff said. “I’ve known him for years, but had never gotten to work with him. And Marion Cotillard is an incredible actress; Christian Bale, the list goes on. There’s so many great actors in that film.” He had praise for his director as well: “I had a really good time with Michael on it. [. . .] I think it’ll be a really good movie. I think they’re talking about a trailer or teaser going up soon,” Dorff promised. While we’re waiting for the trailer, here’s a PHOTO of Stephen Dorff and Johnny Depp, as Homer Van Meter and John Dillinger, making their escape after a bank robbery.

The Zone thanks Vermontfudge and Emma for the interviews with Stephen Dorff. You can read them HERE and HERE; for a spirited discussion of the interviews, see the Zone’s Porch message board. –Part-Time Poet

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