DARK SHADOWS Festival features panel discussion of future film starring Johnny Depp

Signs of things to come: fans of the gothic soap opera DARK SHADOWS have held weekend conventions every year since 1983, but this year’s edition, held at the Burbank Marriott July 18-20, looked toward the future as well as DARK SHADOWS’ celebrated past. The Saturday session featured a panel discussion of the upcoming DARK SHADOWS film, to be produced by Warner Bros., GK Films and Infinitum-Nihil, in which Johnny Depp is expected to star as vampire Barnabas Collins, the role originally created by Jonathan Frid.

Zone member Sweetchia attended the panel discussion and posted the following summary of the event: “It was really nothing we don’t already know. [. . .] Johnny has purchased the rights. He will play Barnabas; Tim [Burton] is the top director in consideration; there is a script in the works; Warner Bros. is very excited about the property, and all will depend on getting the script done and arranging everyone’s schedule.” Regarding the relationship between the future and past Barnabas Collins, Sweetchia said, “Johnny has yet to meet Jonathan [Frid, who attended this year’s DARK SHADOWS Festival], and they hope perhaps Jonathan will make a cameo, though Frid himself said he’s been out of the biz for a long time and has no notion to return.” As for the overall mood of the conventioneers regarding the new film, “Everyone was very excited about Johnny as Barnabas, and they feel very positive about it getting off the ground, but are cautious.”

The Zone thanks Sweetchia for her eyewitness report, and DeepinDepp and Dharma_bum for additional news. You can read more about the DARK SHADOWS Festival on the Zone’s News & Views forum. By the way, the Los Angeles Times listing on the DARK SHADOWS Festival incorrectly stated that Johnny Depp would participate in the panel discussion on the new film. The Times was wrong; JD did not attend the event, nor was he ever scheduled to do so. –Part-Time Poet

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