Another change in the press junket for FINDING NEVERLAND–

New Yorkers who were eagerly awaiting Johnny’s arrival at the end of the month may not get their Halloween present after all. Miramax has changed–yet again!–the New York press junket for the promotion of FINDING NEVERLAND. Emma reports that the Oct. 29-31 dates are now cancelled; they have been replaced by a single press date of Monday, October 25th, and only FINDING NEVERLAND’s director Marc Forster and leading lady Kate Winslet are scheduled to appear. That’s right–no Johnny! At this time, we don’t know whether Johnny will attend the Actor’s Fund benefit on Saturday, October 30th to receive his Lee Strasberg Award in person, or whether his shooting schedule will keep him in London.

On a brighter note, Emma reports that there may be a press day for FINDING NEVERLAND in Los Angeles in early November, closer to the film’s release date. There’s nothing definite yet, but we will keep our fingers crossed. The Zone thanks Emma for keeping us up-to-date with Johnny’s ever-changing schedule.

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