"He gave them all he had"–Johnny Depp films PUBLIC ENEMIES in Crown Point, Indiana, on Tuesday

Assessing Johnny Depp’s second day filming John Dillinger’s escape from the Lake County jail in Crown Point, Indiana, local reporter Jessica Woolf observes, “When filming wrapped for the day Tuesday, Johnny Depp might not have given his fans all they wanted–but he gave them all he had.” After a long day of shooting, the actor went out in the dark to shake hands with fans who had waited behind barricades to meet him. The photo at left shows him in the crowd; to see a larger version of the picture, click here: http://tinyurl.com/3923mo

“All day, fans braved Tuesday’s wind in blankets, their mittened hands clutching cameras, waiting to get one glimpse, one picture,” writes Woolf. “During the day, Depp was only briefly visible to the public, but he waved and made small gestures of gratitude.” That changed once filming on PUBLIC ENEMIES had finished for the day. Johnny “strode around fencing” and “headed straight to the crowd-control gates,” Woolf says. “There, he spent an hour or more reaching across the gates to shake hands with anyone he could reach. He thanked everyone for staying; he chatted and stopped for pictures.”

Crown Point stargazers couldn’t stop talking about how kind Johnny Depp was. “I touched Johnny Depp,” said Betsy Plant, 19, of Lowell. “He shook my hand. He looked me in the eyes.” Ken Nelson said, “I saw him two feet away when he came out and greeted the crowd. He was shaking hands. It was pretty cool. Most actors wouldn’t do that.”

The Zone thanks emma for the reports from Crown Point–you can read several articles on the JDZ News & Views forum. Zoners who went to Crown Point to watch the filming have recorded their experiences on the Porch; some were in that grateful crowd on Tuesday night and have wondrous tales to tell. –Part-Time Poet

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