PUBLIC ENEMIES author Bryan Burrough has kind words for Oprah Noodlemantra's Book Club

The Zone’s book club, ONBC, is currently running a lively and fascinating question-and-answer session with Bryan Burrough, the author of PUBLIC ENEMIES. We wanted to share Mr. Burrough’s appreciation of ONBC and the tremendous job that its moderators, Liz and DeppintheHeartofTexas, have done presenting background tidbits on the Dillinger era and leading the book discussion. Although not all of the Noodlemantras’ observations about PUBLIC ENEMIES were flattering to the author, Mr. Burrough didn’t mind ONBC’s candor: “I have had the *best* time reading the ONBC posts,” he wrote to Liz. “Your readers are so thoughtful, they pointed out things I’d never recognized in the book, both good and bad.”

When Liz asked what Mr. Burrough had enjoyed the most about the ONBC discussion of PUBLIC ENEMIES, he replied, “What excited me about reading the ONBC posts is how thoughtful they were. I mean, your readers obviously spend a good deal of time actually reading the book and thinking about it. Plus, you know, an author never really gets to hear people talk honestly about his own work. Friends, well, they’re always kind, maybe too kind. Only some place like ONBC can you see what people think. It’s painful sometimes, but hey, I’m a big boy.”

Burrough also recognized the intense preparation Liz and DITHOT did on the ONBC “tidbits” for PUBLIC ENEMIES. “The tidbits were fantastic. I felt you guys did almost as much research as I did!” wrote Burrough. “Your whole setup just struck me as what the Internet ought to be. Here is this little haven for kind discussion among people who obviously like each other. I have to say, I thought ONBC posters were among the most polite I’d ever read. That’s one thing that often bugs me about chat rooms and the like, rudeness.”

Congratulations, Noodlemantras! We couldn’t be prouder of all of you.

The ONBC interview with Bryan Burrough is currently running on the forum, and a new question is posted daily. It’s a great way to celebrate the filming of PUBLIC ENEMIES; many thanks to Mr. Burrough for participating, and to Liz and DITHOT for making it possible. –Part-Time Poet

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