BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp arrives on PUBLIC ENEMIES set in Crown Point, Indiana

The incredible traveling Johnny Depp roadshow, otherwise known as PUBLIC ENEMIES, has set up shop this week in Crown Point, Indiana; the photo at left shows Johnny arriving in Crown Point. Intrepid fans, determined to catch every minute of the filming, began to assemble in downtown Crown Point around 12:30 a.m. , braving 20-degree F. temperatures in the hopes of seeing the actor at work. According to local reporter Lauri Harvey Keagle, “While word in and around the set was that filming would be taking place solely indoors, those who braved the chilly early morning temps weren’t about to budge. The onlookers saw a lot of trucks and trailers, crews bustling about in and out of the old sheriff’s house and the Hall of Justice, some Crown Point police officers and guards from a private security firm. But no Depp . . . .”

That situation changed ” just before 11 a.m.,” reports Keagle, “when a black Ford Expedition pulled up in front of the old sheriff’s house on Main Street and out popped Depp. The crowd of more than 100–some of whom had been waiting for nearly 12 hours–erupted into loud cheers as Depp dashed into the old sheriff’s house.”

Crown Point native Nicole Vega didn’t mind standing in the cold for seven hours for a chance to see Johnny Depp: “It’s the most fascinating thing in Crown Point since Dillinger broke out of jail and (Rudolph) Valentino got married at the courthouse.”

The Zone thanks Teacher for the Keagle article; you can read it in full on the News & Views forum in the thread called “PUBLIC ENEMIES in Crown Point.” To see a larger version of the photo of JD in Crown Point, click here: and to see a photo of the downtown Crown Point set, click here: The Zone thanks AnaMaria and emma for the photos; special thanks to Doctor Beef on-site in Crown Point. –Part-Time Poet

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