Finding Neverland news–

Kazren reports that the poster for Finding Neverland, long a source of discontent for many Deppheads, has been redesigned. The new version pitches the film less as a romance (Johnny and Kate Winslet gazing at each other under a full moon) and more as the story of J. M. Barrie and how he came to write the children’s classic, Peter Pan. The new poster features a large picture of Johnny–always a good idea . . . .

In other Finding Neverland news, Emma reports that the US premiere will be October 4, with the film going into general release on October 22. We certainly hope these dates hold up, since Sleepy reports that financial troubles at Miramax have stirred rumors in the industry that some Miramax films scheduled for fall release may have their release dates delayed until 2005, due to a lack of money for promotion and advertising.

On a happier note, the trailer for Finding Neverland has been very well received and is in the top ten trailers downloaded on the Internet, holding its own with summer blockbusters. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can view it here

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