European, iconoclastic, and Bohemian–Johnny Depp's approach to fashion

Johnny Depp “avoids the traditional uniform adopted by Hollywood’s male elite,” writes Gaby Soutar in an article in the Scotsman on Johnny’s personal sense of fashion. “After six years in France his style is quite European and iconoclastic. Publicly he shuns Hollywood style – the porcelain veneers and diamond cufflinks of Cruise, Clooney et al are not for him.” Assessing Johnny’s attire for the Venice Film Festival press conference, Soutar comments, “The striped polo-shirt and white trousers [. . .]make him look preppy, but add a pair of scruffy shoes, a leather cuff and dog-tags, and he’s dressed-down in his own inimitable way.” Soutar also notices that, despite his preference for casual comfort, Johnny cleans up really well. When he opts for the black pinstriped Armani suit for the FINDING NEVERLAND screening, “He looks incredible and easily blows all the young pretenders out of the water.” What is Soutar’s final verdict on Johnny’s style? “The most important lesson we can learn from Depp is that individuality and personal style are of far more value than following transient trends.”

Thanks to DeepinDepp for posting Soutar’s article on the News forum. You can read all about it here.

Perhaps Johnny’s unique personal style is one reason he was voted one of the “Faces of the Week” by the BBC. Check out the full BBC story here. Thanks again to DeepinDepp and to foreverjohnnysgirl for sharing the story with the Zone.

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