Announcing a new photo gallery for the Zone!

On this last day of 2007, it seemed appropriate to open the Zone’s newest photo gallery–“Pictures of the Week: 2007!” This gallery collects all of the beautiful photos we’ve offered as the Picture of the Week on the home page over the past year, so it mixes some great vintage shots with Johnny’s public appearances and movie promotion during 2007. It’s a nice way of re-living special moments . . . not just the obvious highlights like the AT WORLD’S END and SWEENEY TODD premieres and the Venice film festival, but that surge of joy we felt when we saw the Sheila Witkin concert pictures last January, or the relief of seeing that first photo of Johnny as Sweeney Todd when we knew that he was able to return to work after his daughter’s illness.

To see the new gallery, click on the PHOTO GALLERIES button above, select THE DEPPARTMENT, and scroll down to “Portraits with a Theme.” “Pictures of the Week: 2007” is the third gallery in that group.

Many thanks to sleepy, bonnie, AnaMaria, theresa, Carasun, Hiro3, and all our wonderful picture divas who share their photos so generously with the Zone. Many thanks, too, to Johnny Depp for giving us so many wonderful memories this year. We’re looking forward to 2008 . . . may it bring health and happiness, success, and the satisfaction of work well done to Johnny and to all of us. Happy New Year, everyone! –Part-Time Poet

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