Hilarious SWEENEY TODD interview with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton from ACCESS HOLLYWOOD

Huzzah to ACCESS HOLLYWOOD for giving us five-and-a-half minutes of hilarity from the SWEENEY TODD press junket in London. Their unnamed interviewer begins well enough, asking Johnny Depp and Tim Burton about their long professional association, but then her slip of the tongue sends the interview in an unexpected direction:

ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: This is your sixth film together. What does it feel like when you get back together again for a film? [She doesn’t realize it, but we’re about to find out.]

TIM BURTON: I feel like I work with a different actor each time, because he’s [Johnny’s] always different in every movie. So it’s always something new, and that’s always what’s fun about it for me.

JOHNNY DEPP: For me, working with Tim is like going back to the most comfortable place you can be. It’s like going home . . . it’s a place where you can try anything.

TIM BURTON: [interrupting] Even singing.

JOHNNY DEPP: [laughing] Even singing. Even dancing! No . . . it’s comfort.

ACCESS HOLLYWOOD: Now, I hate to say this, but you’ve been working together for almost ten decades–

TIM BURTON: [interrupting in shock] Ten decades?

[Johnny Depp bursts into laughter, almost choking with it, but the interviewer is oblivious to her mistake.]


TIM BURTON: Can you roll the IV in for me, please? I’m feeling a bit faint.

From this point, the interview turns into a Burton-and-Depp comedy routine as the men bounce one-liners off the bewildered reporter. To see the video, an instant classic, click here: http://tinyurl.com/38eokx

Many thanks to Theresa for sharing this gem with the Zone, and thanks to Johnny and Tim for the best laugh we’ve had since the writers’ strike started! –Part-Time Poet

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