Nine new film clips from SWEENEY TODD, plus behind-the-scenes footage!

Paramount has released a feast of new film clips from Tim Burton’s SWEENEY TODD–beware of spoilers right and left, because once you start watching these intoxicating bits of film, you will not be able to stop until you have seen them all. Marvelous, spellbinding, addictive . . . there are nine separate (short) clips, including previously unseen footage of “A Little Priest,” with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter; “You Gandered at My Ward,” with Alan Rickman and Jamie Campbell Bower; and “The Contest,” with Sacha Baron Cohen in fine voice. There are also three behind-the-scenes featurettes available: one focused on the cast, one on the vision of the film, and one on the history of SWEENEY TODD. Finally, we can view two substantial behind-the-scenes clips, one devoted to the filming of “A Little Priest” and the second showing parts of “Pretty Women,” “Epiphany,” and “The Contest.” They beggar all description–you can see and hear them for yourself at, The Movie Reporter:

Many thanks to Emma for sharing the news! –Part-Time Poet

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