ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT shows video of Johnny’s fall from his LONE RANGER horse

Do you remember when Johnny Depp appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman in February, and described how he fell off his horse while filming The Lone Ranger? “All I saw in front of my eyes were these sort of very muscular horse legs and the striations of muscles moving. This kind of . . . [pause] . . . death machine,” Johnny told Dave. “And one word popped into my head: hooves.” On their June 13th show, Entertainment Tonight aired a brief behind-the-scenes clip from The Lone Ranger filming which showed Johnny’s fall from his horse . . . and the crew rushing toward him to be sure he was okay. Security chief Jerry Judge gets there in a hurry!

For those who missed the show, the clip is available on the Entertainment Tonight website. Check it out HERE at approximately the 2:00 mark.

The Zone thanks FANtasticJD and Ophelia for sharing the clip; you can read more about The Lone Ranger on the Zone’s News & Views forum.