Armie Hammer talks about bonding with Johnny Depp during THE LONE RANGER filming

In an interview with the Sunday Herald Magazine published on June 2nd, Armie Hammer responded to a journalist’s questions about what it was like to work with Johnny Depp on the often arduous shoot of their forthcoming Western, The Lone Ranger. Here’s what Armie had to say about Johnny:

Q: The Lone Ranger’s companion, Tonto, is played by Johnny Depp. How did you and Johnny bond off-screen?

ARMIE HAMMER: We probably bonded over music and guitars more than anything else. We both love guitars. He’s a fantastic guitarist and has this amazing taste in music. So we just hung out and went to dinner. It was fun. We jammed together a couple of times.

Q: What were the best and worst things about working with Johnny?

ARMIE HAMMER: Best thing is probably how good he is at his job, how much everybody respects him and how, equally, he brings that respect back. Worst part is seeing that the guy can’t lead a normal life, no matter how hard he tries. He can’t go to a restaurant and have a meal … because as soon as he walks in, suddenly it’s just mayhem.

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