New Johnny Depp interview in OK!MAGAZINE

The May 14 issue of OK! Magazine features a brief Q & A with Johnny Depp conducted during his recent appearance in Las Vegas for CinemaCon. Most of the questions relate to the filming of The Lone Ranger and Johnny’s role as Tonto, but the interviewer also inquires about Johnny’s other professional interests:

Q: You’ve tried your hand a directing before with The Brave, where you also played a Native American — any plans to to get behind the camera again?

JD: Yeah, actually I have been working on a film for about the last four years or so. And we’ve just completed the filming part — and it’s a documentary on Keith Richards.

Q: Will it be similar to the Rolling Stones movie?

JD: Most definitely not [laughs].

Q: You’re playing music on stage more and more — where is music standing for you in your career right now?

JD: Music has always been my first love. It’s what I did since I was a kid and I’ve never stopped. I was making films and things like that, so it wasn’t like I was searching for a second career as a musician again, but one thing lead to another. I was asked to go up on stage with someone, and then some other people saw me on stage and said, “Wow, you can actually play the guitar.”

The Zone thanks Emma for sharing the interview; you can read more on the Zone’s News & Views forum.