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Johnny Depp performs with Alice Cooper in Los Angeles–new photos!

The hits just keep on coming: Johnny Depp joined Alice Cooper onstage during a sold-out show at the Orpheum in Los Angeles on Thursday night, November 29th. Johnny played guitar with Alice and the band for the “Raise the Dead” tribute section of the show and remained through the encore: the set list included “Break On Through,” “Revolution,” “Foxy Lady,” “My Generation,” “I’m Eighteen,” “Under My Wheels,” “Poison,” and “School’s Out.” You can see pictures from the event HERE. Videos from the concert are available on Alice Cooper’s website HERE.

The Zone thanks Emma for breaking the news and Pixie and Lou Lou 63 for sharing pictures. You can read more about the Alice Cooper concert on the Zone’s Pit General Discussion forum.

This musical collaboration will take the stage again on December 8th, when Johnny performs with Alice and the band for Alice’s Christmas Pudding charity benefit in Phoenix. Great music for a great cause–we’re looking forward to it!

“They got the bummest rap of all time” — Johnny Depp talks to ROLLING STONE about the West Memphis Three

In a recent interview with Patrick Doyle of Rolling Stone, Johnny Depp spoke about the shocking miscarriage of justice in the case of the West Memphis Three. “It’s open-and-shut,” Johnny declared. “You’d have to have slivers of your brain removed not to see it, man. They got the bummest rap of all time. Your youth’s taken away from you.”

Johnny has actively worked for years to bring attention to the case, most recently appearing at the Toronto Film Festival to promote the documentary film West of Memphis, which will be released on December 25th.

Doyle also asked Johnny for his reaction to the new Rolling Stones tour. “Of course I’m excited,” Johnny replied. “[O]h, man, I can’t wait to see them up there again!” Doyle then asked Johnny to disclose a favorite moment spent with friend and guitar god Keith Richards. “For Depp, a serious guitar player, it was when Richards taught him his solo cut ‘Make No Mistake,'” Doyle reports: “‘Keith gave me the golden chord, man. I couldn’t believe it.'”

The Zone thanks Emma for sharing the Rolling Stone interview; you can read more on the Zone’s News & Views forum.

Oprah Noodlemantra’s Book Club begins its discussion of Damien Echols’ LIFE AFTER DEATH today!

Oprah Noodlemantra’s Book Club begins a discussion today of a book very dear to Johnny Depp’s heart — his friend Damien Echols’ gripping memoir Life after Death. Johnny has promoted Damien’s book enthusiastically; the ONBC poster at left shows the two men as they kicked off Damien’s book tour at Barnes & Noble in New York City in September. About this “brilliant memoir,” Johnny Depp has written, “Damien Echols suffered a shocking miscarriage of justice. A nightmare few could endure. An innocent man on death row for more than eighteen years, abused by the very system we all fund. His story will appall, fascinate, and render you feeble with tears and laughter.”

Johnny’s opinion is shared by the publishing industry. Publishers Weekly calls Life after Death a “searing, finely wrought memoir [. . .] a heart-wrenching and simple commentary on American prison life.” Kirkus Reviews writes: “Exceptional memoir by the most famous of the West Memphis Three — bare facts alone would make for an interesting story. However, Echols is at heart a poet and mystic, and he has written not just a quickie one-off book to capitalize on a lurid news story, but rather a work of art that occasionally bears a resemblance to the work of Jean Genet. [. . .] Essential reading.”

Join Liz, DeppintheHeartofTexas, and fireflydances on the ONBC forum HERE for the Life after Death discussion — it’s sure to be passionate and thought-provoking! A larger version of the ONBC Life after Death poster is available HERE; many thanks to Liz for sharing her work.

Johnny Depp appears as Edward Scissorhands on FAMILY GUY tonight

Animation fans rejoice! Johnny Depp makes a cameo appearance on Fox’s Family Guy tonight, reprising his iconic character Edward Scissorhands in an episode entitled “Lois Comes Out of Her Shell.” Edward speaks almost as many words in his 30-second Family Guy appearance as he uttered in all of Tim Burton’s film, and his choice of profession is rather surprising, too. You can watch the clip HERE.

The Zone thanks emma for breaking the news and FANtasticJD and Theresa for sharing the clip. You can read more about Johnny’s appearance on Family Guyon the Zone’s News & Views forum.

Johnny Depp in Los Angeles–new photos!

Johnny Depp — wearing a black shirt with a Comanche Nation logo and his favorite black hat — was photographed outside the school his children attend in Los Angeles on November 20th. Apparently there was some pre-Thanksgiving festivity occuring at the school, since once of the people waiting outside with Johnny has a giant eagle on his arm, and not of the tattooed variety! You can see photos of Johnny (and the eagle) HERE.

The Zone thanks humiliatedgrape and Theresa for sharing photos; you can see others HERE.

Johnny Depp plays the second night of Petty Fest–more new photos!

Johnny Depp must have enjoyed his gig at Petty Fest last night, because he returned to play the set again on Thursday, November 15th, no doubt helping to fill the charity coffers for Hurricane Sandy victims and Sweet Relief. Johnny’s stunning blue guitar is particularly appropriate to this occasion, since it is the Duesenberg Mike Campbell model, which was created to honor the 30-year career of the guitarist for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Photos of Johnny playing the Petty Fest at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles last night are available HERE. Many thanks to Theresa for the photos and to FANtasticJD for information on the Mike Campbell guitar. You can read more about Johnny’s appearances at Petty Fest on the Zone’s Pit General Discussion forum.

Johnny Depp performs at Petty Fest in Los Angeles–new photos!

Johnny Depp strapped on a blue guitar and took the stage at Hollywood’s El Rey Theatre on Wednesday night, November 14: the occasion was Petty Fest, an eclectic, star-studded tribute to Tom Petty that raised money for the charity Sweet Relief and victims of Hurricane Sandy. Johnny played alongside the Cabin Down Band (the Petty Fest house band) for a good portion of the concert, including performances by Ke$ha and the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney. “[T]he actor came to play,” Rolling Stone’s David Greenwald reports. “Doing his best Keith Richards imitation, he took a solo to close ‘It’s Good to Be King’ and accompanied the band for a six-song run, breathing puffs of smoke into the beaming stage lights between chords.”

Photos of Johnny performing at Petty Fest are available HERE. Many thanks to emma and Theresa for sharing pictures; the Rolling Stone article is available HERE. You can read more about Johnny’s appearance at Petty Fest on the Zone’s Pit General Discussion forum.

Johnny Depp with One Direction–new photo with the band!

Chart-topping boy band One Direction gave a concert for about 5,000 fans on the Warner Bros. lot as part of their appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show; the concert took place on Friday, November 9th but the show will air on Thursday, November 15th. While in LA, the band also spent some time with Johnny Depp and his daughter Lily-Rose, who is a big fan; you can see a charming picture of Johnny with One Direction HERE. Perhaps the guys swapped stories about what it’s like to be a teen idol. . . . The Zone thanks kim for sharing the photo; you can read more on the Zone’s Pic Parties forum.

Announcing a new gallery for the Zone–FROM HELL!

The Zone is happy to announce a new addition to our permanent collection of photo galleries — From Hell! You can enjoy a slideshow featuring 30 photos of Johnny Depp as Inspector Frederick Abberline by clicking on the Photo Galleries button above, choosing the By Film section, and scrolling down to the picture of Abberline in the bath . . . or you could just CLICK HERE. Many thanks to audamay, Bon Bon, b.p. olive, Chocolat, humiliated grape, Joni, Moonbeam, Pixie, sleepy, and Theresa, who joined me in contributing photos to the From Hell gallery. We hope you enjoy it!

Happy 9th Birthday to Oprah Noodlemantra’s Book Club!

The Johnny Depp Zone is delighted to celebrate the 9th birthday of Oprah Noodlemantra’s Book Club, the first such group ever founded to read works associated with or recommended by Johnny Depp. The first book ONBC read was Stephen King’s novella Secret Window, Secret Garden (also known as Two Past Midnight) — King’s work was chosen for ONBC’s debut because at that time Johnny Depp had just finished filming his role as Mort Rainey in David Koepp’s adaptation of Secret Window. Liz posed ONBC’s first question about Secret Window, Secret Garden at two past midnight on November 1, 2003, and she and DeppintheHeartofTexas have been delighting and challenging us ever since!

Liz’s birthday card for ONBC-– you can see it HERE — displays the 43 books that Oprah Noodlemantra’s Book Club has discussed over the past nine years – a very impressive list! Year Ten kicks off with a book dear to Johnny’s heart – Damien Echols’ memoir Life After Death. Tidbits for Life After Death begin next Monday, November 5th, so please stop by and sample the ONBC discussion; there’s no better time to get acquainted with the fun, camaraderie, and intellectual stimulation that the Noodlemantras bring to the Zone every day. Johnny Depp has reaffirmed his love for and commitment to great literature by inaugurating his own Infinitum Nihil book imprint, so we’re looking forward to a bright future reading books that Johnny loves.

The Zone happily congratulates Liz and DITHOT and their new colleague firefly dances on ONBC’s 9th birthday and thanks them for their dedication, enthusiasm, and outstanding leadership. Day in and day out, you always give us so much to be proud of on the Zone, as you celebrate Johnny Depp in your unique and insightful way. Happy Birthday, ONBC!