“DARK SHADOWS is a story about family”–Tim Burton on his latest creation

In the new issue of Total Film, director Tim Burton tells Richard Jordan how he envisions Dark Shadows, which Jordan describes as “a tale of family dysfunction involving vampires, witches, and a surprising amount of heart.” Burton would concur, especially with the focus on the family unit: “What I liked about Shadows is it’s a story about family,” Burton declared. “I grew up resisting family and then as I got older I realised what a strange and chaotic but important thing it is. I think all families are pretty weird . . . . We’ve just tried to link the supernatural elements into real issues that families face: like the feelings of a teenager growing up, when your body’s changing and you’re angry at everybody; or the challenge of trying to keep the family together — whether they’re alive or dead!”

Burton compares Johnny Depp, whom he directs for the eighth time in Dark Shadows, to iconic horror-monster actors Lon Chaney and Boris Karloff. “There’s that whole theory of ‘mask acting,'” Burton explains, “if you’re hiding behind a bit of make-up, it allows something else to come out of you — and I find that fascinating.”

Burton’s update of Dark Shadows will be in movie theaters on May 11, 2012.

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