“She wants to own every bit of Barnabas”–Eva Green talks about her DARK SHADOWS character

In a recent interview with The Playlist, Eva Green spoke about her work on Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. The film itself is “very, very funny,” she promised, “with a dark sense of humor, but really funny.” As for the character she plays, the witch Angelique Bouchard, Green described her as “a cuckoo character. An extreme character, who is madly obsessed with Barnabas Collins.” (The vampire Barnabas Collins is played by Johnny Depp, so Angelique’s obsession needs no further explanation.) “It’s a very electric relationship,” Green continued, “[a]nd she wants to own every bit of Barnabas.”

The actress spoke with affection about her unusual role. Angelique is “not a typical villain, and that’s what I like about how Tim [Burton] dealt with her,” Green told Playlist. “She has a good reason to act like that. It’s really a love story.”

To Movieline, Eva Green confided that Angelique is so “completely obsessed” with Barnabas that she “will do absolutely anything to get him, to own him. She looks like Barbie, but a bawdy Barbie. She’s a big character, and lots of fun to play, that’s for sure.”

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