Eva Green calls DARK SHADOWS “the most beautiful shoot of my life”

French actress Eva Green, who plays the passionate and vengeful witch Angelique in Tim Burton’s new version of Dark Shadows, told L’Express in a recent interview that she was thrilled to have the chance to work with Burton. “Tim Burton is a filmmaker and a painter that I worship. I visited, I don’t know how many times, his exhibition at the MoMA, New York City. . . . When he called me, I was so delighted.”

Still, Ms. Green found her first few days on the set rather intimidating. As soon as she got the role of Angelique, “I started to put a lot of pressure on myself,” she admitted. “I am always anxious before shooting — this time, I was petrified. The first two weeks were really difficult. I was fazed by Johnny Depp, and, most of all, by Michelle Pfeiffer, who plays my rival in the movie.”

But her director soon found a way to put her at ease. “Tim believed in me and he did everything to make me feel comfortable,” she told L’Express. “Finally, it was the most beautiful shoot of my life.”

Dark Shadows arrives in theaters next May. You can read more about the film, and the L’Express interview with Eva Green, on the Dark Shadows thread on the Zone’s News & Views forum.