Johnny Depp jams with Alice Cooper in London!

“We don’t do acoustic — this will be loud,” Alice Cooper told the lucky patrons at London’s legendary 100 Club on Sunday night. Then he and his band rocked through a 17-song set that featured a very famous guest guitarist — Johnny Depp took the stage for Alice Cooper’s signature hits “School’s Out” and “I’m Eighteen.” Yes, that’s a clean-shaven JD underneath the newsboy cap: he was introduced as “a special guest all the way from Kentucky, Johnny D.” To see photos of Johnny on stage at the 100 Club with Alice Cooper, CLICK HERE and HERE. For a portrait of JD applauding the band, CLICK HERE.

“The 200 tickets for this rare, intimate club show sold out immediately,” reports journalist Bruce Henne. Prior to the show, Alice Cooper said, “It’s been a while since we played such an intimate venue, but strip away the theatrics and we are a pedal-to-the-metal rock band, born in clubs like the 100 Club. We play every show like that anyway, and it will be fantastic to reconnect in that atmosphere.” Johnny Depp’s appearance was a surprise to the audience, although Alice’s Facebook page had hinted that a special guest artist would be in the house. You can see videos of JD playing guitar with Alice Cooper on E!Online’s website HERE.

The Zone thanks Evochka, Aida, HonestGirl, and Theresa for sharing photos of the event, and Emma for news articles. You can read more about the concert on the Zone’s Pit General Discussion forum.