DARK SHADOWS won’t be in 3D, says director Tim Burton

In Los Angeles this weekend to celebrate the opening of the Tim Burton exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the busy filmmaker found time to talk to Jordan Riefe of The Wrap about his work, his long-time collaboration with Johnny Depp, and his current work-in-progress — the new adaptation of cult classic Dark Shadows, currently shooting at Pinewood Studios. Since the previous Burton-Depp film, the phenomenally successful Alice in Wonderland, was released in 3D, naturally the director was asked if Dark Shadows will be in 3D as well. “I have no plans for that,” Burton replied. “I loved doing Alice in 3D,” but the director doesn’t feel the process suits every work. “There’s people [saying] like, ‘Everything’s gonna be in 3D,’ or ‘I hate 3D!’ I think people should have a choice. I don’t think it should be forced on anybody.” Burton does not envision an all-3D future for the industry: “It’s like ‘Yes or no!? 3D! Yes or no?!’ [. . . C]ome on, whatever, some yes, some no.”

The Zone thanks Theresa and Poppet for sharing the Burton interview. You can read more about Tim Burton’s interview with The Wrap on the Zone’s Porch General Discussion forum, and more about the filming of Dark Shadows on the Zone’s News & Views forum.