Johnny Depp’s Tonto gets a Lone Ranger at last–it’s Armie Hammer!

The long search for Tonto’s Kemo Sabe (trusted friend) is over — Armie Hammer will don the Lone Ranger’s black mask for the new Disney version of the classic Western, Variety reports. Lone Ranger will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Gore Verbinski from a script by Justin Haythe, and will star Johnny Depp as Tonto alongside Hammer’s Texas Ranger. A star on the rise, Hammer is probably best known for playing the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network; he recently wrapped a featured role as Clyde Tolson in the upcoming biography J. Edgar (opposite Leonardo DiCaprio), and will play the prince in Relativity Media‚Äôs Snow White adaptation. To see a larger photo of Armie Hammer, CLICK HERE. According to Variety, the casting of Hammer as the Ranger “moves the project forward for a fall start, making it Bruckheimer’s next tentpole after the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean pic sets sail this weekend.”

If Variety is correct about the scheduling, Lone Ranger would be Johnny Depp’s next project after he finishes playing the vampire Barnabas in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, which begins filming at Pinewood Studios this week. Lone Ranger has no release date scheduled, but Variety speculates that the film could debut “as early as fall 2012.”

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