Latest casting rumor–Ryan Gosling to play the Lone Ranger for Gore Verbinski?

Jerry Bruckheimer’s reboot of the classic Lone Ranger franchise has a Tonto — Johnny Depp; a director — Gore Verbinski; and a screenwriter — Justin Haythe (Revolutionary Road). But one thing it hasn’t had is a Ranger, lone or otherwise. Now rumors are flying around Hollywood that Ryan Gosling, Oscar-nominated for Best Actor for Half Nelson in 2006, may be donning the famous black mask and shouting “Hi-ho, Silver!” when cameras roll. The Wrap’s Joshua L. Weinstein reports that Gosling is “in talks to star in Disney’s The Lone Ranger,” but that scheduling conflicts might stand in the way; the busy actor starts the remake of sci-fi allegory Logan’s Run in the fall. says only that Gosling is “one of several actors being eyed” for the Ranger role. In any case, it’s good to hear some news about this project: casting the Ranger would seem to be the next important step in its development.

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