“A pleasure and an honor to be Johnny Depp’s leading lady”–an interview with THE RUM DIARY’s Amber Heard

While doing promotion for Drive Angry, her new film with Nicolas Cage, rising star Amber Heard took time to praise her experience making Bruce Robinson’s The Rum Diary, expected to be released later this year. In an interview with Ian Spelling, Ms. Heard discussed what it was like to play Chenault, the beauty who gets involved with the reporter Paul Kemp, played by Johnny Depp. “I don’t think I have the words to articulate what a pleasure and honor it was to be Johnny Depp’s leading lady,” Heard said, adding, “I’d imagine that any actress would like to be in that position. And the project itself is going to be so beautiful.”

Of The Rum Diary, based on a novel by Hunter S. Thompson, Heard said, “I found myself surrounded by artists and people who wanted to create something special, that’s aesthetically beautiful and intellectually heavy.” She describes her character Chenault as “a free-spirited woman living in 1960s Puerto Rico” and as “the heart of the movie — the element that links all the other characters together.”

Heard explained that Chenault “embodies what the characters are thinking, what they want, what drives people. She’s based on a real person, and after learning about Hunter S. Thompson’s life and the world that he was living in when he wrote The Rum Diary, I felt extremely drawn to telling the story and playing Chenault.”

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