Johnny Depp attends Vanessa Paradis’s concert in New York City

Johnny Depp applauded enthusiastically from the balcony as Vanessa Paradis gave her first concert as a headliner in New York City on Wednesday night. A major music star in Europe since 1987, winner of the French equivalent of an “album of the year” Grammy for her 2007 album “Divinidylle,” Vanessa charmed the Town Hall crowd with an acoustic greatest-hits set that the New York Times called “a feat of ethereal elegance.” Alyssa Shelasky of People reports that Johnny “sat in the front row of the balcony, his eyes fixated on her throughout the two-hour show. She sang mostly in French, dedicating one song to ‘love and fire,’ and producing a beautiful, feminine rendition of [Leonard Cohen’s] ‘Hallelujah.’ At the end of her performance, Depp joined the crowd in a standing ovation, which lasted several minutes.”

The photo above shows Vanessa and Johnny leaving Town Hall after the concert (the royal blue shirt belongs to a security guard for the event); you can see a larger photo HERE, and a photo of Vanessa entering an SUV HERE. That’s Johnny standing behind her with his hands protectively on her back. For a photo of Vanessa during the concert, CLICK HERE.

The Zone thanks mytreasure and Scout for sharing articles; thanks to Kitaika ( and Roxanne ( for photos. The New York Times review of the Town Hall concert (with another lovely photo of Vanessa in performance) is available HERE. You can read more about the Town Hall concert, including comments from Zoners who attended, on the Zone’s News and Views forum.