BREAKING NEWS–Johnny Depp arrives at THE TOURIST premiere in New York City–new photos!

A dapper Johnny Depp arrived at the red carpet premiere of Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s The Tourist at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City tonight. Johnny wore his familiar blue-tinted glasses, a deep blue shirt, a three-piece pin-striped suit, and an array of scarves tied around his neck. To see a larger version of the photo at left, CLICK HERE, and to see a full-length view of Johnny standing by a poster for The Tourist, CLICK HERE. Johnny’s co-star, Angelina Jolie, attended the premiere with her partner Brad Pitt; Ms. Jolie wore an elegant long-sleeved ivory gown which could have come from her Tourist character’s wardrobe. You can see Ms. Jolie mingling with the crowd HERE. Director Henckel von Donnersmarck and co-star Rufus Sewell also walked the red carpet; co-star Paul Bettany attended with his wife, Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly.

The Zone thanks Theresa, FANtasticJD, and AnaMaria for sharing photos of the premiere; you can find much more information about The Tourist and its premiere on the Zone’s News & Views forum, and commentary about the premiere pictures on the Pit General Discussion forum. If you can’t get enough premiere photos — and who can? — CLICK HERE for a picture of Johnny with ever-vigilant security chief Jerry Judge in the background. Looking good!

“Automatic weapons and intrigue”–Johnny Depp talks about THE TOURIST

Celebrity Wire conducted a brief, charming video interview with Johnny Depp during the Paris press junket for The Tourist; here’s what Johnny had to say about the romantic thriller and his newest character, Frank Tupelo.

Q: What are the elements of the film?

JOHNNY DEPP: [chuckling] Well, automatic weapons, first and foremost. Fear . . . panic . . . yeah, a stranger on a train . . . and intrigue. Danger. Fear.

Q: About [your] movie character, Frank Tupelo —

JOHNNY DEPP: Frank, for me, sort of represented the Everyman — what is considered by society , is accepted by society as “the normal man.” Everyday guy. Math teacher from Wisconsin. [He] ends up taking that one trip of his lifetime to Europe, ends up on a train in Venice, is approached by, you know, probably the most beautiful woman he’s ever come into contact with. And she appears to be quite interested in him. Asks him to come with her and stay with her and spend time with her. And he does . . . and then the automatic weapons ensue, and the romance ensues, and it gets pretty crazy from then on.

The Tourist received a definite GO SEE IT recommendation from Celebrity Wire Movie Reviews. It opens in theaters on Friday, December 10.

The Zone thanks Emma for sharing the Celebrity Wire interview; you can watch the video HERE.