It’s definite–Keith Richards returns as Teague in ON STRANGER TIDES

In an interview with the London Times, rock-and-roll legend Keith Richards, currently promoting the release of his autobiography, confirms that he is indeed returning as Captain Teague in On Stranger Tides. “Depp and Richards are currently shooting Pirates of the Caribbean 4, in which Richards plays, for the second time, Captain Jack Sparrow’s father,” reports the Times. Confides Richards, “It takes two hours to put the wig and make-up on. Back into the hairy prison. ‘Ooooh, sorry about my sword, babe,’ ha ha ha.” He did give the Times a scoop, though, saying that he “has roped in ‘a couple of mates'” to film a bar-room scene with him. Sounds like fun!

The Zone thanks Gilbert’s Girl for sharing the Richards interview; you can read more about On Stranger Tides on the Zone’s News & Views forum.