“We have a lot of mutual respect”–Michael Mann speaks about Johnny Depp

In an interview with Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times, Michael Mann reflected on his experience working with Johnny Depp. JD played gangster John Dillinger, the centerpiece of Mann’s Public Enemies (2009). “We have a lot of mutual respect. I like him and I think he likes me … he and I really got to a point of complete and total rapport – this is going to sound really weird – in France after we were done and we were releasing the movie.”

Regarding JD as an actor, Mann said, “Johnny is an extremely talented guy. He took himself to some places – in some of those intense scenes – to places I hadn’t seen him take himself before. He doesn’t have formal acting training but has such a strong, intuitive sense of things. He reacts in very positive ways to things like hair and wardrobe, like Laurence Olivier, who only became the character when he looked in the mirror. So Johnny has good company. He kind of comes alive with the feeling, the texture of things.”

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