Filming gets explosive on the set of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4: ON STRANGER TIDES!

Several sessions of late-night shooting on the Universal Studios set of Rob Marshall’s Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides ended with a bang on August 31st, with a mammoth (and very well-staged) explosion and fire engulfing the tower set. The photo at left shows Captain Jack Sparrow peering through an archway on the set’s upper level; to see a larger version, CLICK HERE. Then, after Captain Jack escapes from the tower, the set explodes in a massive fireball, as you can see HERE and HERE. Very dramatic!

No actors were harmed in the filming of the explosion; to see a photo of Johnny Depp (still in costume as Captain Jack) walking away from the set with security chief Jerry Judge beside him, CLICK HERE. This sequence marks the end of Pirates 4 filming at Universal Studios; the set (or what’s left of it) is now being struck.

The Zone thanks Emma, Doysa, and Evochka for sharing photos of the filming; you can read much more about Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides on the Zone’s News & Views forum.