Announcing 5 new additions to the Zone’s Interview Archive!

For your summer reading pleasure, we’ve added five new articles to the Zone’s Johnny Depp Interview Archive. Four pieces are relatively recent, while one goes back to 1999. The new additions are:

November 19, 1999 – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Luaine Lee — from the promotion for Sleepy Hollow when JD was a delighted new father

November 16, 2005 – Empire Online, Dan Jolin –- a Q&A during the promotion for The Libertine finds JD reflecting on the Earl of Rochester.

December 10, 2007 – New York Magazine, Logan Hill — from the promotion for Sweeney Todd, a brief Q&A with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton

June 28, 2009 – The Los Angeles Times, Rachel Abramowitz — a fine profile of JD from the promotion for Public Enemies

July 2009 – Vanity Fair, Douglas Brinkley — a substantial, in-depth profile by a wonderful writer; you will find insights here you cannot read anywhere else. Photos by Francois Marie Banier.

Many thanks to Theresa, Joni, and emma for the articles, and to Theresa for posting them. You can find the new additions HERE. Just click the links on the bottom of the page, and enjoy!