Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow Easter egg raises $6,000 for the Royal Blind School

The wooden Easter egg decorated by Johnny Depp as his famous character, Captain Jack Sparrow, has raised a total of 3,900 pounds ($6,036 at the current conversion rate) for Edinburgh’s Royal Blind School; proceeds from the charity auction will help build a new residential center for the school’s residents. The Jack Sparrow egg comes with a bandanna worn by Johnny Depp during Pirates of the Caribbean filming and signed by Johnny. The Daily Record reported that the Royal Blind staff were forced to remove the bandanna from the public display and “put it under lock and key after being besieged with requests to touch it.” As one charity staffer told the Record, “The reaction from fans has been unbelievable. This donation is irreplaceable and we could not risk it being pinched.”

Helen Forrest, the marketing and fundraiser manager for Royal Blind, explained why the Jack Sparrow bandanna was taken to a secure location: “It is such a unique and personal item, we weren’t prepared to take any chances. Whilst the egg itself is on display, we have kept the signed bandanna locked away elsewhere to prevent any loss or damage. This keeps our nerves intact and those of the shop’s staff.”

The Zone thanks Emma for news updates about the Royal Blind auction; you can read much more on the Zone’s News & Views forum. To see a larger version of the Captain Jack Sparrow egg decorated by Johnny Depp, CLICK HERE.

We offer our heartiest congratulations to Zone member Shadowydog, who offered the winning bid in the Royal Blind auction and is now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Jack Sparrow egg. We salute Shadowydog for her generosity and Johnny Depp for creating such a beautiful and meaningful gift for charity. Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.