Babybird’s “Unloveable” video, directed by Johnny Depp–see it here!

Last September Johnny Depp spent several days directing a music video for Babybird; the track is “Unloveable” from their new CD Ex-Maniac. The video stars Babybird lead singer Stephen Jones and actor Stephen Graham, who appeared with Johnny Depp in Public Enemies. The storyline of this haunting and vividly realized short film will call to mind Ambrose Bierce’s classic story, “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.” You can watch it here:

The Zone thanks AnaMaria, Lu, Alice Springs, and Theresa for sharing clips of the “Unloveable” video. You can learn more about Babybird and the band’s upcoming concert appearances for Ex-Maniac at the official online Babybird community HERE. Thanks also to Emma for keeping us up-to-date with breaking news on “Unloveable;” you can read a lively discussion of the video on the Zone’s Porch discussion forum.