“Alice and the Hatter complete one another”–a new interview with Johnny Depp about ALICE IN WONDERLAND

Disney has released a promotional clip for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland that combines scenes from the movie–some new–with an interview with Johnny Depp. “To be able to do anything with Tim Burton is a real honor,” Johnny says. He finds the Mad Hatter “a fascinating character” because “[y]ou see instantly what he’s feeling, like a mood ring. His emotions are very, very close to the surface.”

Regarding the relationship between Alice and the Mad Hatter, Johnny says, “Alice and the Hatter complete one another, like a brother and sister do. He’s very protective of her, and she’s very protective of him.” The epic battle scene finds Johnny once again with sword in hand: “I’ve done so many [sword fights] as Captain Jack that the challenge is to find how the Hatter would sword fight.”

The Zone thanks vinicius128 and Theresa for the Disney interview and AnaMaria for the screencap of Johnny.