"I think this will be . . . a great role for you"–Graham King explains how he enticed Johnny Depp into filming THE TOURIST

In an interview with Steve “Frosty” Weintraub of Collider.com, producer Graham King described how he became involved with his upcoming film The Tourist, and how he persuaded Johnny Depp to join the project. One day, said King, he received a call from Gary Barber at Spyglass Entertainment, who suggested King might be interested in The Tourist. “And I read it and I saw a movie–I saw a great movie. And I watched the original, Anthony Zimmer, the French movie, and I really liked that.” Angelina Jolie was already attached to the project at this time: “[She] really wanted to play this role and work with Florian [director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck], who obviously did The Lives of Others and has a lot of talent.”

The next step for the producer was bringing Johnny Depp on board. “I [ . . . ] sent Johnny the script and I said, ‘I think this will be really a great role for you.’ And I went over to see him and we spoke about it, and he read it, and he saw the original, and he said, ‘I love it.’ And he said, ‘It’s really, really special.'” Adds King, with obvious enthusiasm, “All of a sudden I’ve got Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in a movie, you know? Which is a really fun feeling, right?”

“I think that’s one you’ll be on the set of,” reporter Weintraub commented, and King replied, “Every day. [. . .] Me and 300,000 paparazzi.” The producer also said the start of filming is “around the corner;” he expects to start at the end of February.

The Zone thanks reyhan for posting the interview with Graham King; you can read it on the Zone’s News & Views forum. King has many interesting things to say about his projects with Johnny, including The Rum Diary and Dark Shadows. –Part-Time Poet