Johnny Depp talks to Moviefone about DR. PARNASSUS and Heath Ledger

As Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus nears its U.S. release–it will open in New York and Los Angeles on Christmas Day, with a wider release promised in January–Johnny Depp reflected about the passing of Heath Ledger and his own involvement with the project. He told Moviefone: “Though the circumstances of my involvement are extremely heartrending and unbelievably sad, I feel privileged to have been asked aboard to stand in on behalf of dear Heath . . . . He was the only player out there breathing heavy down the back of every established actor’s neck with a thundering and ungovernable talent that came up on you quick, hissing rather mischievously with that cheeky grin, ‘Hey . . . get on out of my way boys, I’m coming through!’ And does he ever!”

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