Johnny Depp receives Career Achievement Award from Bahamas International Film Festival

Johnny Depp received the Career Achievement Award from the Bahamas International Film Festival today, but despite the many accolades he has received for his work, he has yet to become accustomed to such honors. “Whenever anybody says they are going to give me some kind of award, I’m always a little stupefied by the notion,” Johnny told reporters covering the event. “The first thing I say is, ‘Why?’ I just go to work like anyone else, except my job happens to be a little stranger.”

Leslie Vanderpool, the founder of the Bahamas International Film Festival, sees things differently: she describes Johnny as “an icon” and one of the finest actors of his generation.

Sir Sean Connery, whom Johnny hailed as “the only James Bond,” presented the award–a large laquered wooden fish– at the Balmoral Club in Nassau. “I just wanted to say thank you for having me here,” Johnny said. “I’m thrilled and honored, certainly, to be in the company of Sir Sean, and yourselves as well.”

The Zone thanks Alice Springs, Emma, AnaMaria and Evochka for photos and news stories from the Bahamas Film Festival; you can read more on the News and Views forum and the Pit. To see a larger version of the photo of Johnny, CLICK HERE, and to see a photo of Johnny with Sean Connery and Leslie Vanderpool, CLICK HERE. Congratulations, Johnny! –Part-Time Poet