Happy Halloween from the Zone! Enjoy the Hatter-o'-Lantern!

Happy Halloween! This holiday brings out the creativity in Johnny Depp’s fans–the Captain Jack-o’-Lantern has been a popular design for carving pumpkins ever since the Black Pearl set sail, and we’ve seen great Edward Scissorhands pumpkins, too. But this is the first pumpkin we’ve ever seen carved with Johnny’s latest character, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. This pumpkin was designed by Cayo and carved by GAO and Cayo, two Zoners from Japan. They did such a fantastic job we wanted to share it with the world. Brava!

To see a larger version of the Hatter-o’-Lantern, CLICK HERE, and to see how beautiful the Hatter-o’-Lantern is when lit, CLICK HERE. Thanks for sharing your work, Cayo and GAO! Happy Halloween! –Part-Time Poet