Keith Richards speculates on Johnny Depp's return to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN

In a quick interview backstage at the Scream Awards taping, Access Hollywood reporter Laura Saltman spoke to Keith Richards about receiving the Rock Immortal award from Johnny Depp–“Yeah, it’s good to see Johnny again,” Richards replied, smiling–and then asked for his opinion about the future of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. “I heard [Johnny Depp] might not be doing Pirates of the Caribbean 4,” Saltman said. “Do you think anybody [else] could ever play that Jack Sparrow character?”

Keith Richards replied, “I wouldn’t know the ins and outs of it. He mentioned it today, so I presume he probably is going to do it . . . but that’s just me,” Richards added, with a self-effacing smile. “Awesome!” said the reporter. We have an accord . . . .

To see the Access Hollywood interview with Keith Richards, CLICK HERE. The Zone thanks Theresa for sharing the interview. –Part-Time Poet