Johnny Depp makes a guest appearance on Babybird's new album

Returning to his musical roots, Johnny Depp will make a guest appearance on Babybird’s new album, according to a report from MTV’s UK website. The album is scheduled to drop in February 2010. Johnny also hooked the band up with new producers, the Grammy-nominated duo of Bruce Witkin and Ryan Dorn. Zone readers know Bruce Witkin’s name well; he and Johnny have been making music together since they played in a band called The Kids. The photo at left shows Johnny on set during the filming of a Babybird video last week, which he was directing. To see a larger photo, CLICK HERE, and to see another photo from the video shoot, CLICK HERE.

The Zone thanks Emma for the news; you can read more about Johnny Depp’s work with Babybird on the Zone’s News & Views forum. –Part-Time Poet