BREAKING NEWS–Dick Cook, chairman of Walt Disney Studios, steps down

Shocking news from Disney today: Dick Cook, the longtime president of Walt Disney Studios, is leaving that position effective immediately. In a statement released by Disney on Friday afternoon, Mr. Cook says: “I have loved every minute of my 38 years that I have worked at Disney from the beginning as a ride operator on Disneyland’s steam train and monorail to my position as chairman of The Walt Disney Studios. [. . .] To wrap up my Disney experience in a neatly bundled statement is close to impossible. Our talent roster is simply the best in the business. I believe our slate of upcoming motion pictures is the best in our history. But most of all, I love the people, my colleagues, my teammates, who are the most talented, dedicated and loyal folks in the world. I know that I leave the studio in their exceptional hands.”

No one has yet been named to succeed Mr. Cook as president of Walt Disney Studios. He or she will have big shoes to fill.

The Zone salutes Mr. Cook and offers our sincere thanks for all the wonderful films made during his time at the helm. Sir, you brought us Captain Jack Sparrow, and for that we are forever in your debt and on your crew.

The Zone thanks FANtasticJD for breaking the news; you can read much more on the News & Views forum. To read about the event in Variety, CLICK HERE, and to see a larger photo of Johnny Depp with Dick Cook, CLICK HERE. –Part-Time Poet