PUBLIC ENEMIES featured in PEOPLE this week–with a new photo of Johnny Depp

That gorgeous image of Johnny Depp as iconic bank robber John Dillinger comes from the latest issue of People; it has a photo of Kirstie Alley on the cover and carries the date May 18, 2009. To see a larger version of the new photo, CLICK HERE. And that’s not all: People opens its “Summer Movie Preview” article with a nearly full-page image from Public Enemies showing an intense Dillinger holding a tommygun and wearing his signature dark brown fedora. Sweet!

The magazine also includes one more photo of Dillinger on the Chicago streets when they give their writeup on Public Enemies. You can see scans of the article on the Zone’s News & Views forum; we thank FANtasticJD for sharing them with us. –Part-Time Poet