"To say that I'm proud is a monumental understatement"–Johnny Depp writes about his brother Daniel's debut novel, LOSER'S TOWN

When reporters hear that Daniel Depp has written a detective novel called Loser’s Town that explores the dark side of Hollywood, one of the first questions they ask is–um, how does your brother, the Oscar-nominated actor, feel about that? Perhaps less than pleased? The truth is just the opposite: Johnny Depp went on the record with his feelings about Loser’s Town, sending the following email to USA Today which was published with their interview with Daniel Depp. Here is what Johnny had to say about his brother’s novel:

“To say that I am proud is a monumental understatement. I’ve been proud for a long, long time, having been well aware of my brother’s great talent for the majority of my life. That he and his work are finally being recognized by readers and serious book-heads alike is, of course, spectacular, but not all that surprising. And though this particular genre isn’t your typical laugh/riot fare, there are a mere handful of writers who can describe a situation to the degree that it can send me into giggling fits: Hunter Thompson, Terry Southern, Tom Robbins, Bruce Robinson and my very own brother, Daniel. Yes I’m biased, but what brother wouldn’t be??? I’d be recommending this book, blood or no blood!!!”

The Zone’s book club is also recommending Loser’s Town–the ONBC discussion begins with tidbits on March 20th, and we hope to see you there!

Many thanks to Theresa for sharing JD’s email to USA Today; you can read it on the USA Today website HERE, along with the interview with Daniel Depp. See the Zone’s Porch forum for more interviews with Daniel about Loser’s Town. –Part-Time Poet

Daniel Depp, author of LOSER'S TOWN, featured in USA TODAY

USA Today’s Craig Wilson interviewed up-and-coming author Daniel Depp about his detective thriller, Loser’s Town, which has debuted to excellent reviews. “It’s the first in a series starring David Spandau, a stuntman turned no-nonsense PI who has to deal with every kind of Hollywood type,” writes Wilson, but as the title Loser’s Town suggests, the author’s view of Tinseltown is more cynical than complimentary–which is just fine with his brother, that actor named Johnny you may have heard of . . . . “I told him I was going to write a detective novel about Los Angeles,” Daniel Depp told USA Today. “He said I should go for it.”

When asked if Loser’s Town might be made into a film someday–a film featuring his kid brother, perhaps?–the elder Depp shrugged off the suggestion as vastly premature. Film rights to the novel have not been sold, and Depp is not particularly interested in seeing his novel turned into a screenplay. “I don’t want to think about any of that right now,” Depp told USA Today. “I’m not so horribly anxious to do it. I like writing books.” That’s good news, because there are two more Spandau detective novels on the horizon. “But if people like it, I’ll just keep writing.”

Simon & Schuster publisher David Rosenthal thinks Loser’s Town is a winner. “This has breakout potential. Daniel is one deeply cool writer who has a dark, funny streak to him,” Rosenthal told USA Today. “It’s very noir. It’s nasty and fast-paced. And none of it goes where you expect it to go. The book transcends a lot of the normal conventions of the detective genre.”

The Zone thanks Theresa for sharing the interview with Daniel Depp; you can read more about Loser’s Town on the Porch forum. To read the full USA Today article, CLICK HERE. And be sure to join Oprah Noodlemantra’s Book Club for their discussion of Loser’s Town–tidbits begin on March 20th!–Part-Time Poet