"Imagination" was the watchword on Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND set, says Anne Hathaway

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Anne Hathaway described the working conditions for her most recent film role–playing the White Queen in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. “Tim’s currency is imagination,” she explained. “You only had to be as imaginative on the set every day as you possibly could. That was the only requirement and that was a spectacular requirement.”

Hathaway, who is appearing in a Burton film for the first time, enjoyed watching her co-stars Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter at work. “It was so nice seeing Helena stretch herself and go to the outer limits of her imagination and watch Johnny do the same thing,” Hathaway said. “When creating my character, I wound up thinking to myself, ‘How would Johnny do this? How would he make this line funny?’ “

Alice in Wonderland will arrive in theaters in March 2010. “I think the film is going to be spectacular,” Hathaway told the Herald Sun. “I don’t think there is any film like it.”

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