Moore wishful thinking: Sir Roger Moore would like Johnny Depp to play him in biopic

Suave British actor Sir Roger Moore is one more celebrity who thinks Johnny Depp would be the ideal choice to portray his younger self on the silver screen. Moore, most famous for playing James Bond in the 1970s and early 80s, has recently penned a memoir, My Word Is My Bond, which details his amorous adventures in Hollywood. Moore’s spicy tale has caught the interest of more than one major studio, according to media sources; a film would likely focus on Moore’s pre-Bond days and his “exploits with legendary Tinseltown co-stars including Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, and David Niven in the 1950s and ’60s,” says Although there is a lot of Internet buzz claiming that Johnny Depp is the A-list actor chosen to play Moore, that is pure speculation at this point, since there is no deal in place–Moore’s memoir has not even been sold to a studio yet.

The rumors apparently stem from an unnamed “source close to Moore” who claims Sir Roger is dropping hints about his own preference for JD: “The whole project is shrouded in secrecy,” the “unnamed source” supposedly said, “but Sir Roger has been telling friends, with a knowingly raised eyebrow, that he’s a great admirer of Johnny Depp.” Good luck with that, Sir Roger–clearly this is just one more case of wishful thinking.

The Zone thanks Jennak for sharing the story; you can read some witty responses to this rumor on the Pit forum, and the full WENN story HERE. –Part-Time Poet