Johnny Depp and Douglas Brinkley write liner notes for GONZO: MUSIC FROM THE FILM–soundtrack CD available today!

The great, idiosyncratic soundtrack for Alex Gibney’s documentary on Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, also hits stores today, the same day the DVD of the film is released. “The album becomes a fascinating porthole to Hunter’s essence, excellently pieced together,” writes Jason Lymangrover of the All Music Guide. “Snippets from casette-taped rough drafts [. . .] and soundboard clips of Johnny Depp reading Thompson’s works tie everything together neatly in a tidy package that pays perfect tribute to the one of a kind icon.”

Johnny Depp and historian Douglas Brinkley co-write an 8,000 word essay (liner notes scarcely suggests the scope of their work) that comes with the CD in an illustrated booklet. Their love of both subjects–the music and Hunter–comes through loud and clear. The Gonzo CD is available from BARNES & NOBLE and from AMAZON.

The Zone thanks Mrs Pink for the news, and Emma and Theresa for additional information about the CD. You can read more about the Gonzo soundtrack on the Porch forum, including a brief excerpt from the Depp-Brinkley essay provided by Dharma_bum. –Part-Time Poet