PUBLIC ENEMIES filming continues in Crown Point; Johnny Depp greets fans

“A throng of about 1,000 people came to town to see Johnny Depp on Monday,” reports the Crown Point Post-Tribune, adding that Johnny “did not disappoint. Screams erupted from the crowd as Depp emerged from a white Universal Studios’ trailer [. . .] and waved to the waiting crowds as a black Ford SUV picked him up and whisked him around the corner,” writes reporter Diane Krieger Spivak. When the SUV was safely parked in front of the Old Lake County Sheriff’s House and Jail on Main Street, where scenes detailing John Dillinger’s jailbreak would be filmed for PUBLIC ENEMIES, Johnny emerged and greeted the fans, who were kept away from the set by fencing.

Spivak describes the scene: “Depp smiled and waved, put his hands together in a prayer-like gesture, offering a slight forward bow, then touched his right hand to his heart in appreciation for their adoration before heading up the Sheriff’s House steps and disappearing through the doorway [. . . ] .” Fans waited 2 1/2 hours for Johnny to emerge and walk down the steps: “Depp exited the building, [. . .] this time sporting a long black overcoat, and once again smiling, waving, and again, patting his heart with his hand with a slight bow before an assistant opened a door to the SUV. Depp slipped inside, rolled down the window and waved to fans.” Our photo at left shows Johnny Depp leaving the Old Lake County Sheriff’s House and Jail; to see a larger version of JD in his black overcoat, click here:

A few seconds of contact, a smile and a wave, made the long wait in the cold worthwhile for the half-frozen bystanders. “This is the highlight of my life,” sixteen-year-old Kali Norfrey told Spivak. “When I look back in life that’s gonna be the last thing I see.”

Fans who waited through the day to the end of filming had a special Depp moment. Seventeen-year-old Hanley Russell told another reporter, “About 7:30 or 8, we decided to stay around after everybody was off the set, and he walked down the line and touched people’s hands and said ‘Thanks.'” Added Russell, “I’m so glad I came up here.” You can see a YouTube video shot by someone lucky enough to be greeted by Johnny on Monday night here:

The Zone thanks Emma, Teacher, and Gilbert’s Girl for news stories on the Crown Point filming; you can read them on the JDZ News & Views forum. Thanks to FANtasticJD for the photo of Johnny. –Part-Time Poet