Where next for Johnny Depp and PUBLIC ENEMIES? Crown Point, Indiana!

Having won every available heart in Wisconsin, the PUBLIC ENEMIES cast and crew head into Indiana for the coming week, where Depp Fever is sure to spread like wildfire. The destination? Crown Point, Indiana, population 22,697 . . . before the JD fans arrive, that is. Filming is expected to begin Monday, March 24th, at the Old Sheriff’s House and County Jail on Main Street. Crown Point Mayor David Uran has signed an agreement with Universal Studios that runs from Saturday, March 22 through March 29, although PUBLIC ENEMIES publicist Dave Fulton declined to confirm filming dates “for safety and liability reasons.” Fulton also has not confirmed which cast members will be present, but since John Dillinger escaped from that jail–yes, that very building–on March 3, 1934, it would not be unreasonable to expect Johnny Depp to be among the actors reporting for work in Crown Point.

The Zone thanks Emma for several reports from Crown Point; you can read the articles beginning on page 7 of the thread called “Public Enemies~~Filming Locations, Dates, & Dillinger’s Car” on the JDZ News & Views forum. –Part-Time Poet