Lili Taylor joins the cast of PUBLIC ENEMIES, with Johnny Depp

Acclaimed actress Lili Taylor will be reunited Johnny Depp onscreen in Michael Mann’s PUBLIC ENEMIES; the two actors also appeared together in Emir Kusturica’s ARIZONA DREAM. Taylor will play Sheriff Lillian Holley, who donned her husband’s badge in 1933 after he died in the line of duty. Sheriff Holley was thrust into the spotlight in an unwelcome way when Dillinger stole her brand-new V-8 Ford during his escape from Lake County Jail–not the kind of thing a sheriff wants on her public record. “If I ever see John Dillinger again, I’ll shoot him dead with my own gun,” she said at the time. Happily, relations between Lili Taylor and Johnny Depp are much more cordial; longtime friends, Johnny interviewed Lili for Interview Magazine in 2006. You can read that interview in the JDZ Archives here:

In other PUBLIC ENEMIES casting news, the recent scenes shot in the Lafayette County Courthouse called on the talents of Chicago stage actors John Lister and Alan Wilder. Lister plays Judge William J. Murray, who presided over John Dillinger’s arraignment, while Wilder plays prosecutor Robert Estill, who famously posed for a photo with Dilllinger. The much-reprinted image of the D.A. with his arm around Dillinger’s shoulder–as if they were drinking buddies rather than prosecutor and accused criminal–would generate outrage and ruin Estill’s budding political career.

Adam Mucci and W. Earl Brown have also joined the PUBLIC ENEMIES cast; their roles are not known at this time. Christian Stolte will be playing Charles Makley. Many thanks to Emma and FANtasticJD for the casting updates, and to Joni for the Lili Taylor interview link. –Part-Time Poet