Goodbye, Columbus–Johnny Depp bids farewell to Wisconsin . . . for now

The photo at left shows Johnny Depp bidding farewell to fans who gathered in the dark in Columbus, Wisconsin on Thursday night as Michael Mann’s film PUBLIC ENEMIES concluded its shooting there (for now; the company will return but dates have not been set). Here’s an account of Johnny saying goodbye from Shannon Green of Capital Newspapers:

“Hundreds of Depp’s fans gathered on Water Street and began waiting well before he was done shooting the movie on Thursday night,” Green reports. Many fans brought pictures, hoping to get autographs, but were told that Johnny would not have time to sign. “Still the crowd waited with some people chanting ‘Johnny.’ Their persistence paid off,” notes Green, when Johnny’s driver came out to the crowd and said “Depp would walk the length of the street. He asked everyone to stay on the curb and remain calm.

“A half-hour went by and the crowd grew larger. Security personnel were friendly but strict about people staying behind the curb,” Green says. “Cheers grew louder when Depp made his appearance. Wearing jeans, a green shirt, a long black coat, white scarf and fedora hat, Depp walked the length of the street and waved at fans. When he reached the end of the road of his fans, he jumped on the running board of the S.U.V. and waved as he was driven away. “

Here’s a video of that moment from You Tube–it’s very dark, due to the late hour, but as flashbulbs go off, they give a strobe-like effect, so it does give a good feeling of what it would be like to be there. You can hear many ecstatic cries of “Oh my God!” as Johnny passes by; you can also hear Johnny telling the crowd, “Thanks for sticking around so long.” To see the video, click here:

The Zone thanks Reggi for the YouTube video, and Carasun for the screencap of Johnny; you can see a larger version here: Many thanks to Emma (who must never sleep!) for posting the Shannon Green article on the News & Views forum. –Part-Time Poet